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Welcome to the Graduate Teaching Academy Teaching Fellows Home Page

The Graduate Teaching Academy (GTA) is a graduate student-led organization supported by the Office of Graduate Studies and the Center for Teaching Excellence.  Our mission is to provide professional development opportunities to equip graduate students and post-docs in the area of college teaching.


All GTA seminars and workshops are FREE  and open to graduate students and post docs at Texas A&M University. Faculty members, and visiting researchers are also welcome to attend GTA events.  You do not need to register to attend GTA events!


 If you wish to enroll in our program  to earn a Graduate Teaching Academy Fellow Certificate you may register at any time at the beginning of either the fall or spring semester.  Those who successfully complete the program obtain a Certificate of Completion from the GTA and receive the designation of “Graduate Teaching Academy Fellow.”   GTA Teaching Fellows are eligible to attend the annual Graduate Teaching Academy banquet,  become a GTA Steering Committee (GTASC) member,  become a GTA Senior Fellow, and apply for travel awards to the Wakonse South Conference held annually in Burnet, TX and/or national Wakonse Conference in College Teaching held annually in Stoney Lake, Michigan.  THE GTA certificate program can be completed in one semester, or in one academic year
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